Single Family: Shipping Container ADU [San Diego, CA]

Project Type:
Single Family Shipping Container Accessory Dwelling Unit

San Diego

91% air leakage reduction

We the exciting opportunity to provide a demonstration seal for a 313 ft² accessory dwelling unit (ADU) made from recycled shipping containers. CA is experiencing a booming demand for ADUs and this modular solution is sure to be a hit as a quick, easy, and cost-effective option. Even though the construction of these units intrinsically provides good air tightness, we were still able to reduce air leakage by 90.8% and bring it down to Passive House performance levels (starting at 5.66 ACH50 and finishing at 0.52 ACH50 which is equivalent to 28.5 in² of air leakage and finishing at 2.6 in²

Shipping Container

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