Single Family: Sethee Residence [Encinitas, CA]

Project Type:
Single Family Custom Home and Guest House

Encinitas, CA

84% and 86% air leakage reduction

AeroBarrier was able to find and seal air leakage by 85% in the both the main house and guest house of a single family home in Encinitas (San Diego County), California. The guest house is 800 square feet and the main house 6,882 square feet. We had the homeowner & their general contractor,  as well as several building industry representatives,  present during the installation to learn about the AeroBarrier envelope sealing process. The seals were both performed at the exterior level of the building envelope, prior to the installation of fiberglass batt insulation and drywall. ** In both cases we were easily able to get below our target of 1.5 ACH50, 1.42 for the Main House and 1.12 for the Guest House.**

Sethee Fact Sheet 1

Fact Sheet 2

Installing aerobarrier

Installing aerobarrier at Sethee