Single Family, Meineke Residence

Project Type:
Single Family Residence

Solana Beach, CA

64% air leakage reduction

The Meineke residence is a 2,850 ft² single family home in Solana Beach. The home was relatively tight to begin with, and we were still able to reduce leakage by 906.4 cfm or 64%. We installed AeroBarrier pre-drywall, and adding insulation and drywall will continue to improve the air barrier by reducing the infiltration. The install was quick and the construction crew was back at work the same day – a much faster and more effective process than trying to find and seal all minuscule cracks and crevices with a caulking gun! The homeowners will benefit from increased comfort (less temperature swings), improved indoor air quality, and monetary savings on less heating and cooling costs. This home will also be equipped with an Energy Recovery Ventilator, which will bring in fresh, filtered air. Proper ventilation is the key partner to tight air barriers in order for healthy indoor air quality.