Single Family: Berkeley Home [Berkeley, CA]

Project Type:
Remodeled Single Family Custom Home

Berkeley, California

93.5% leakage in 1.5 hours

The AeroBarrier airborne sealant was able to locate and seal 93.5% of air leaks in less than 2 hours in this major remodel/addition of a family home in Berkeley (Alameda County), California.  Sealing was performed at the exterior envelope level,  pre-insulation and pre-drywall.  The home is equipped with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system for balanced ventilation, so we were enabled to get the home ultra-tight down to 0.22 ACH50.  

The owners wished for Passive House performance levels of air leakage and we surpassed that level by a large margin.  Passive House requires a final blower door test of no more than 0.6 ACH50.  With 0.22 ACH50 achieved at exterior of envelope level, we expect that after insulation and drywall that a final blower door test should produce results below 0.22 ACH50.

Prior to AeroBarrier becoming available, achieving at or below 0.22 ACH50 at exterior level of the envelope was incredibly difficult and very rare anywhere in the world. With this home being the first in Berkeley to be sealed with AeroBarrier,  we told the owners that they could probably boast of having the tightest home in their city.

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