What is AeroBarrier like when it’s spraying?

What is AeroBarrier like when it’s spraying?

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We get a lot of questions about what AeroBarrier is like when it’s being applied. Can you go inside while it’s spraying? What’s the material being sprayed?

The short answer: 

Although it’s nontoxic, you can’t go in while it’s spraying without a mask. You can go in as soon as the it’s finished and aired out.

The long answer:

The sealant is a water-based acrylic. Although it’s nontoxic and GreenGuard Gold Certified (meaning safe enough for schools, hospitals etc), we do not enter the home during application. As soon as the application is complete and we stop pressurizing the home, the sealant will fall to the floor (thus will not be airborne) and we open the doors to air the project out. Then we can safely enter without a mask. 

Our friend Mitch over at AeroBarrier West (operating in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada) put together this cool video that shows what it’s like inside the home while AeroBarrier is spraying. The sealant hangs like a fog while it’s being applied, finding and plugging up any holes and cracks in the envelope.

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