Single Family: Lozzi Residence

Single Family: Lozzi Residence

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Remodeled Single Family Custom Home


Fallbrook, California


92% air leakage reduction in less than 2 hours

Lozzi aerobarrier sealing certificate
This AeroBarrier install located in Fallbrook (San Diego County), California was performed on this single story, 2,550 sq.ft. single family residence undergoing a major remodel.   Visual inspection prior to the installation verified that there were many obvious areas of air leakage that could be sealed up during the install.  In 90-minutes of spraying the AeroBarrier sealant, we were able to bring the home down from 6.78 ACH50 to 0.56 ACH50, achieving a Passive House level of air-tightness.  This installation was crucial in helping the owner’s achieve their goal of having an energy efficient home.  Anticipating that we would be able to achieve such a level of envelope tightness, the home has been equipped with a Heat Recovery Fresh Air Ventilation System.

Being able to achieve a Passive House level of air-tightness for a remodel, within such a short time frame during an AeroBarrier install, demonstrates that achieving Net Zero Energy levels of envelope efficiency is very accessible.  What is extremely important to consider when striving for such minimal air leakage is that buildings are ventilated correctly with balanced ventilation systems. With this home having such a tight envelope and being equipped with a balanced ventilation system, the occupants can expect to have a very comfortable home, have minimal space conditioning requirements, be provided optimal indoor air quality, and have dramatically improved building durability.