2019 Green Builder Product Innovation of the Year

2019 Green Builder Product Innovation of the Year

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Green Builder Magazine recently announced that our envelope sealing technology was selected for its 2019 Product Innovation of the Year award. It’s so exciting to see the continued momentum of AeroBarrier technology.

Just a year ago, we were launching the AeroBarrier technology to market at the NAHB International Builders’ Show, and it won Best in Show and Most Innovative Product awards. As more builders and contractors add AeroBarrier envelope sealing to their build processes, the industry continues to acknowledge the sea change in how homes are built to appropriate airtightness standards for maximum comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

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Embrace the Future of Envelope Sealing

Prior to AeroBarrier, builders and contractors had to seal building envelopes manually with caulk guns. It was a tedious and man-hour-intensive process.

With the official launch of AeroBarrier in 2018, there’s a sea change in how homes are being built with airtight building envelopes. Builders across the United States and Canada – Beazer HomesMandalay HomesDwell DevelopmentNew Tradition Homes, and Others – are adding the AeroBarrier technology to their homebuilding toolboxes.

High performance home builders finally have a cost-effective way to meet the ACH (air changes per hour) requirements for today’s cutting edge home designs including Net Zero, Passive House, LEED, and more. Instead of manually looking for air leaks and sealing them with caulk, builders and contractors simply set up the AeroBarrier technology in a home, and all of the leaks up to 5/8” are simultaneously found and sealed by a computer-controlled system in just a few hours.

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