IBS 2020’s Best Green Building Product
Aerobarrier named best of IBS award winner 2020 - Best Green Building Product

IBS 2020’s Best Green Building Product

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AeroBarrier is proud to have been named the Best Green Building Product at IBS 2020! How is AeroBarrier airborne sealant ‘green’? In its composition, this acrylic sealant is GreenGuard Gold certified, meaning it is non toxic and meets rigorous standards for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde or phthalates (safe enough to be used in schools or hospitals!). In its application, it helps improve the indoor air quality and energy efficiency of buildings. Below are some comments from the judges:

“[This is a] cost-effective, efficient product that can air seal a home without a lot of extra labor.”

“This product … is making contributions to improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency.”

“An improved testing protocol with two-port blower door that … allows homes to be sealed quicker.”
IBS Judges

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